Welcome to our website! We are so glad you stopped by. My name is Virginia Porter, but my friends call me Ginny. As the Coordinator of Women’s Discipleship for Catalyst Missions, I am passionate about helping others follow Christ and equipping them to make disciples in obedience to The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Since publishing Strand of Pearls Curriculum for Women’s Discipleship and Spiritual Matchmaking, there has been a groundswell of request for a tool that both men, women and youth could use.

It started with Living Waters Community Church in Kenya using Strand of Pearls. I received a message from a young man named Steven who had been born again though the gospel lesson in the book titled “Perishing in the Pew”. Now he is taking what he has learned into other villages. Then, a church with 500 church plants in Colombia requested Strand of Pearls for men, women and youth.  So, the new gender neutral Spanish book is titled “Linked Together on God’s Grand Expedition ~ The Great Commission. Once again, we went to work on the English version entitled God’s Grand Expedition the Great Commission A Compass for Discipleship. It’s being translated into French, Nepali, Hindi, and Tamil.

 Whether you are discipling your next-door neighbor, heading a women’s group at your local church, or taking the Word of God to places around the globe. These books are self explanatory and user friendly reproducible resources.

I would also like to introduce you to our community of women who love the Lord Jesus Christ and are serious about making Him known at home and abroad. We come from many ethnic groups and all walks of life. From doctors to stay at home moms, singles and grandmothers, wives and widows, we are devoted to sharing the Word of God and equipping women to make disciples beginning in their own immediate sphere of influence. On our pages you can read blogs and lessons written by several women in our discipling family. Although our main theme is making disciples, you’ll find articles and posts here that are as varied as the enumerable issues women face in each season of life.  We’ll be sharing the nuts and bolts of disciple-making, as well as keeping you informed about what the Lord is doing in other countries in the area of women’s discipleship through the work of Catalyst Missions. So, be sure to look for upcoming tutorials and video teaching sessions. Please join us on this journey. We encourage you to become part of the discussion through your comments.

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