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Mysteries fascinate us; they capture our imaginations. That’s what makes Ephesians the perfect setting for this four-part series entitled The Profound Mystery of Christ and His Bride.  In this first book Spiritual Matchmaking, Ginny Porter unlocks the mystery of Christ hidden in the gospel. To do so, she takes us back to the beginning of the Bible where we’ll discover some clues veiled in signs and symbols. Using compelling analogies from the Garden of Eden to the cross of Christ, she helps the reader solve the mystery for themselves.


The study begins with a history lesson of the city of Ephesus—a city plagued by wickedness, idolatry, and evil of every kind. When the “spiritual matchmakers” arrived in the city, proclaiming the good news—everything changed. Those who received the message became citizens of another kingdom—a heavenly one. Just as they had a physical address, now, they had a spiritual change of address. Ginny writes, “The kingdom of God: What an extraordinary place to live. You might even say, “Out of this world!”  What makes this news so amazing is the fact that we all once lived at another address: a place that was far away from God and the Bible describes as hopeless. Furthermore, since the time of the fall in the Garden of Eden, we were all confined to this “Godless zip code.”

If you don’t know your spiritual address, this study gives you a real metric—straight from the Scripture—to find out. Do you have synthetic faith or true saving faith? Do you show the spiritual “signs of life?” After answering seven critical questions, you will have a better idea of your current spiritual location.

By weaving Biblical narratives with personal stories, Ginny presents the gospel message in a way that we can all relate to. Every relationship begins with an introduction. And, as the name implies, Spiritual Matchmaking is about connecting people to the God of the Bible and leading them into a deeper personal relationship with Him. At the same time, this study is about connecting women through discipling relationships. By this, we mean the kind of relationships that naturally develop when a few women come together and share their lives and God’s Truth with one another. Think of this study as a tool you can use to help others discover the treasure hidden in the gospel message. Then you, too, can become a spiritual matchmaker!

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